Elaine Wilton

This interview with Elaine captures Austinmer from the perspective of a local girl born and raised in Coledale who married and went to live in Austinmer in 1958. She recalls the experience of building a new home under the brooding escarpment, of raising her sons, of the routines of everyday life with the beach and the Austinmer Surf Life Saving Club playing a central role. Elaine still lives in Austinmer.

Listen to Elaine’s Interview



Austinmer – Coledale – Escarpment – Austinmer Surf Life Saving Club

Elaine’s interview can be downloaded here.

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2 thoughts on “Elaine Wilton

  1. hi is elaine still alive and is she the wife/or widow of adrian jan wilton who diedin 2013 I am looking for relatieves of the brother of my grandmother Jacob Wilton Schoon he was born a dutchman I heard her intervieuw so I think she might be family
    with regards Rita de Graaf de Jong from the Netherlands


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