Kevin & Patsy Grew

Listen to Kevin and Patsy’s Interviews

Kevin Grew

In 1955 Kevin Grew, a young pharmacist, returned to Austinmer to set up a pharmacy in Moore Street. He had first visited on family holidays in the 1940s. Kevin became an important civic father; an office bearer in the Austinmer Progress Association and the Lions Club, a family man who remained in Austinmer after his retirement in 1995.


Patsy Grew

This is a story of firsts- e.g. Patsy one of the first female pharmacy students at Sydney University, she was one of the first women to manage her own pharmacy, one of 2 woman pharmacists in the Illawarra and the first woman to set up a psychology practice in Wollongong. Patsy arrived in Austinmer with her new husband Kevin in 1955, brought up a large family, worked as a pharmacist and still lives there.


Kevin & Patsy’s Photo Album

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Austinmer – Moore Street – Pharmacy – Austinmer Progress Association – Lions Club – Women – Psychology

Kevin & Patsy’s interviews can be downloaded here.

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