Anne Powter

Anne Powter (nee Jepsen) was born in 1942 and arrived in Dapto from Dubbo in 1970. Anne became an active participant in the Dapto Public School community through the school’s Mother’s Club and in this interview recalls home-made uniforms, fundraising, Tupperware parties and the annual Wattle Ball.

A teacher herself, Anne talks about the changing teaching strategies throughout the 70s and the repositioning of the Byamee Street Dapto Public and subsequent loss of both the school bell and a 1976 time capsule.

Listen to Anne’s Interview

Anne’s Photo Album

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Dapto – Dapto Public School – Wattle Ball – Tupperware – Jay Cee Sandals – Teaching – Fundraising – Mother’s Club

Anne’s interview can be downloaded here

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Ann Powter Interview (coming soon)

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