Einir Brunckhorst

Einir Brunckhorst (nee Jones) was born in Wales on 25 June, 1940 and immigrated to Australia with her family in 1952. They moved to Dapto when Einir was 11 years old and she recalls how foreign everything seemed to her in this new country.

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Part One: 

Although shy and timid, Einir remembers adjusting to her new surroundings, learning to dodge school bullying by helping the other children with homework. She eventually found her voice through singing and working in the Dapto phone exchange and at the new Tallawarra Power Station.


Part Two: 

After leaving Dapto and moving to Sydney, Einir found herself behind the microphone of 2FMBS FM community radio. She recalls those days with joy and talks about the many opportunities that came her way during that time.


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Pommy Hill – Immigration – Berkeley Hostel – Koonawarra – Phone Exchange – Tallawarra Power Station – Radio Broadcasting – 2MBS FM, Community Radio – Classical Music – Opera – 2WL

Einir’s interviews can be downloaded here: Part One and Part Two.

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