Helga Christie -Burnett

Helga Christie-Burnett has lived an extroadinary life. Helga worked and participated in different points in her life as: a Wollongong Pianist, member of the Illawarra Choral Society, music teacher and secretary in City Engineers Department of Council (40 years). Helga recounts her experiences at the Wollongong Town Hall, beginning with the Civic Theatre during childhood.

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Ethyl Hayton – Richard Tognetti – Geoffrey Parsons – Wollongong Garden Club – Illawarra Choral Society – Music – Concerts – Illawarra Performing Arts Centre (IPAC) – Harry Box – Eisteddfod – Harold Brissendon – Robert Amp – James Powell – Margret Buttle – Vi Johnson – Wollongong Town Hall – The Annexe – Steinway Piano – Dr Harry Morgan – ABC Concert – David Vance

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