Lawrence & Jeanette Bond

Lawrence and Jeanette (nee Pepper)  Bond were central members of The Workshop Theatre, which staged many of their plays in the Wollongong Town hall Annex from 1964 to 1969. Listen to them talk about their memories of the Wollongong Town Hall.

Listen to Lawrence & Jeanette’s Interview


Lawrence & Jeanette’s Photo Album




Prudence  McGuire-Ely (nee Bond) –  Wollongong Actor’s Studio – Margret Jennings – Ron Herbert – Camelot Theatre – Town Hall Annex – Curtain Motor – Civic Theatre – Musica Viva – Billy Thorpe Concert – Flea House Angels Bridge Nursery – Pam Dunne (ran acting school) – Anthony Warlow – Robin Slater

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