Pamela Towers

Pamela Towers (nee Bain) was born in 1938 in Wollongong. Pam has lived her whole life in Wongawilli.

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Part One: 

In Part One, in this interview Pam talks about her family history and recalls bee keeping with her grandfather, rabbit hunting with her father and her mother’s extensive garden.

She also recalls practising on her bike with a pail of water, honing her skills before she was allowed to ride to White’s farm to collect the milk.

Part Two:

In Part Two, Pam remembers her school days at Wongawilli’s one room public school. Pam recalls school picnics and concerts and the many forms of youth entertainment organised by the share farmer families.

Along with dances and movies, Pam tells of learning to swim in the local dam and exploring along Andy’s Track and the escarpment area back of Dapto.

Part Three: 

In Part Three Pam recalls attending house parties and playing games such as ‘spin the bottle’.

Often floods made travel difficult in the Dapto area and Pam remembers the need to carry her shoes and socks in an attempt to keep them dry on her way to school and other social events. She also recalls a particularly bad bush fire on the escarpment in the 1950s.


Wongawilli – Dapto – Rural Life – House Parties – Floods – Wongawilli School – John Jarrett – Andy’s Track – Dances

Pam’s interview can be downloaded here: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

Transcripts of Pam’s Interview: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

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