Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith was born in Wollongong in 1947 and grew up on his family’s dairy farm in Marshall Mount. Trevor’s family hails from convict stock who have a long history in the area and within the farming community.


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Part One 

Trevor outlines how his family came to settle in the Tomerong and Marshall Mount areas and what it was like to grow up in a rural community.

Along with notable names such as Sheaffes and Osborne, Trevor’s grandfather, James Stevenson, was a prominent community member and through council, P&C, cricket and Young Farmer’s associations, made important contributions to the area and its residents.

Part Two

In this second interview Trevor talks about his time at Marshall Mount Public School and important events such as Empire Day and Cracker Night. He also outlines the importance of the Progress Association and  the beginnings of the Marshall Mount Dances.

Part Three 

During this interview Trevor recalls his days as a Junior Farmer. He remembers time spent competing in and enjoying the local show circuit, including Dapto, Albion Park and the Royal Easter Show.

Part Four 

Dapto was a very different place in the 50s and 60s. In this interview Trevor recalls the local businesses of the time and the massive growth of Dapto in both housing and commercial premises.



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Marshall Mount – Sheaffes – Osborne Land Grants – Dairy Farms – Rabbit Hunting – Tomerong – Junior Farmers – Rural Youth – Royal Easter Show – Mark Radium – Housing Development – Commercial Banks – Dapto Dogs – Car Rally

Trevor’s interview can be downloaded here: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

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