Mary Rose Liverani

In Part 1, Mary Rose Liverani speaks about living in a migrant hostel and a Housing Commission home in Unanderra. She also relates her experiences as a new girl at Wollongong High School. As Mary Rose goes on to study at Sydney University and begins work, she expresses the passions and insecurities of adolescence.

In Part 2, through anecdotes by turns poignant and hilarious, Mary Rose tells how she met her Italian husband and what happened when she worked at Wollongong Library.

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Berkeley Migrant Hostel – Wollongong High School – Feminism – Women Into Local Government – Italian Migrants – Wollongong Library – Unanderra – Sydney University – Film Censorship Board – Marriage

Mary Rose’s interview can be downloaded here: Part One and Part Two.

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Mary Rose Liverani Part 1
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