Robyn Letham & Sheelagh Geraghty

Robyn Letham and Sheelagh Geraghty discuss the long history of the Eisteddfod in Wollongong with its involvement in the Wollongong Town Hall, relating many quirky stories about performers and performances. Robyn working as an Eisteddfod accompanying pianist amongst many other functions has always been very involved with music in the Illawarra, first competed in the Eisteddfod at 4 years old in piano and singing.

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Wollongong Eisteddfod – Illawarra Eisteddfod – dance – performance – Centennial Hall Helensburgh – Annex Civic Theatre – Bill Tillman – Mr & Mrs Walker – Mr Beathston (Mayor, 1886) – Dr. Kerr, J. Booktozer – D. J. Stewart – Anthony Warlow – Gerard Willems -Paul Flemming (Crown Street Mall manager) – Harry Box, Palings – Lawarra Girl’s Chior – Richard Tognetti – Bill Hennesy – Jim Powell (conductor of Wollongong Symphony Orchestra, Conservatorium) – Merrill Powell (Music Theory teacher) – Merion Powell (conductor) – Mark Matthews

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