Wollongong Stories

Everyone has a story. Listen to the memories of local residents as they recount their experiences of living in the Wollongong region.

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Ken Portrait


Ken Christophers

Born in 1935, Ken grew up in West Wollongong and recalls stories of his childhood in a close-knit neighbourhood.


Elsie Portrait


Elsie Baird

Elsie recalls how the economic depression of the 1920s affected people in the Illawarra and how her father helped those out of work.


Edith Robertson - Headshot

Edith Robertson

Edith has lived in the same house all her life and worked in the textile industry locally. She spent many years as a machinist at Hardie Rubber Factory and at King Gee.


 William Cooley - headshot Billy Cooley

Billy was born in La Perouse but has family and tribal connections to the South Coast and has lived in Wollongong for many years. He learned traditional fishing practices from his father and has a strong cultural and spiritual connection to the sea.