Ken Christophers

Ken was born in 1935 in Coniston and grew up in West Wollongong. In this interview Ken recalls exploring the local neighbourhood, being known by the locals as a child, and the community all pitching in to assist with family events from 21st birthday celebrations to funerals.

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Ken’s Photo Album


Early Images of Port Kembla (1920’s)
From Jim Christophers’ (Ken’s father) image collection with narration by Ken Christophers.

Part 1


Includes: Port Kembla Camera Club – Syd (Sydney) Christophers – Bo (Bowden) Christophers – Lake Illawarra – Primbee – Number 4 Jetty – Port Kembla Harbour – Coal Jetty – AIS – ER&S – MM Beach – Lodden Falls – T Model Ford – Honeycomb Rocks – Deadman’s Hole – Clifton – Wollongong Harbour – North Beach Surf Carnival – Darcy Road

Part 2

Includes: Number 1 jetty – MM Beach – South Coast Timber & Training truck



Coniston – Miller Street – West Wollongong – Mt Keira Incline – Tramway skips – Slippery (Byarong Creek) – Shepherd’s Oval – Jim Christophers Sports Store  – Christley’s Tennis Club – Wollongong City Band

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Ken Christophers’ Interview