Rube (Mary Reuben) Hargrave

Rube Hargrave talks about how her family moved to Bulli when her father was commissioned to build Bulli jetty. She describes the railway line taking coal from the Bulli mine to the jetty and how she would get a lift on the engine as far as the highway to go to Bulli Public School. Rube remembers her father buying a Model T Ford in 1914 and learning to drive as a 14-year-old. (Please note that the audio file has been digitised from a cassette tape made in 1995 and although the file has been edited extraneous noises can still be heard).

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Bulli Jetty – Bulli Mine Coal Railway Line – Mr. Jerrett – J. Donahue Headmaster Bulli Public School – Miss Barlett’s Private School – WWI – Model T Ford – Driver Licence

Rube’s interview audio file can be downloaded here.

Rube’s interview transcript.

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