Val Farrington

Val Farrington joined the younger set of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) in Guyra NSW at the age of fifteen, then moved to the Illawarra and worked at Dwyer’s in Wollongong for several years as a bookkeeper. She married Bill Farrington in 1957 and they had two children, Suzanne and Paul. Val attended the CWA Rooms in Rest Park, Wollongong when her children were little and became re-acquainted with the organisation when she joined the Wollongong CWA as a senior member in 1999. She has worked with the CWA ever since, predominantly in handicrafts, winning awards for crotchet and cooking and acting as a competition judge. Val has helped to raise money and assist women in the community and has travelled all over the State to attend annual meetings and conferences.

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