Frederick Moore

Fred Moore was born in Cobar, NSW on 5 September 1922 and moved to Dapto with his wife and three children in 1952. They moved into what was then Musgrave Street (now Heininger Street) and Fred still resides there today.

Fred became an icon of the area through his work in the mines and trade unions and is often called upon when it comes to researching and writing local history. He co-wrote At the Coalface and Back at the Coalface, publications that take a historical look at the local mining industry and has been made a lifetime member of the South Coast Trades and Labor Council.

Around the streets of Dapto, Fred is a well-known figure and can be seen regularly, chatting with locals and discussing politics and social issues with shop keepers and community members.

Listen to Fred’s Interview

[Part One]

In this interview, Fred recalls arriving in Dapto and talks about what life was like in the early 1950s. He remembers the old Heininger farm, fishing in Mullet Creek, shopping at Fairley’s, and the day the ‘circus came to town’.

[Part Two]

Fred tells us about working in the local mines – the camaraderie, the dangers, and the union support that resulted in many of the better conditions experienced by today’s miners.

[Part Three]

Fred tells us about the plight of the local Indigenous community and the involvement of the Unions in forming the Aboriginal Advancement League. This unified group of both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians worked together for many years on the south coast to address inequality.

Fred’s audio interviews can be downloaded here: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

Fred’s interview transcripts: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.


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