Karolyn Spinks

Karolyn Spinks was born in Wellington, NZ on July 13, 1962 and moved to Dapto from Balgownie with her husband and two sons in 2004.

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Part 1 

Part 2 

In these interviews, Karolyn recalls arriving in Dapto and talks about being part of the Dapto community in this millennium and how the family participated in many varied activities such as Rhee Taekwondo; Bonsai Society; and Marshall Mount Dances. She also talks about Nabo, a social network for your suburb.

Karolyn’s Photo Album

Spinks Family - BB grading June 2010


Rhee Taekwondo – Urimbirra Bonsai Society – Marshall Mount Dances – Swan Family Homestead – Lakelands Estate – Dapto Trains – Oscar Trains – Dapto Mall – Dapto Ribbonwood Centre – Nabo – Lost Dapto

Karolyn’s interviews can be downloaded here: Part 1 and Part 2.

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Karolyn Spinks Part 1
Karolyn Spinks Part 2


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