Marcia & Karren Belcher

Marcia Belcher (nee Day) and Karren Belcher grew up in Wollongong. The pair discuss their experiences growing up in the Illawarra.  Marcia and Karren tell many interesting stories, including dances at the Town Hall, Civic and Pioneer Halls and watching movies in the Civic Theatre.

Listen to Marcia’s and Karren’s Interview


Marcia’s and Karren’s Photo Album



Palings Music – Wolf Brighton – Max Jones Quartet – Miss Potts (elocution teacher) – Pam Mildenhall (singing teacher) – 21st birthday party – Civic Theatre – Dances – Eisteddfod

Download Marcia’s and Karren’s Interview here

Download Marcia’s and Karren’s Interview here.

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