Pamela Griffith

Part 1: Pamela Griffith speaks about her ancestors from the Figtree, Halpin and Stenton families, who were involved in coke works in the Illawarra. Her grandmother Lavina Figtree painted some early scenes of Wollongong.

Part 2:  Pamela returned to the area to paint scenes corresponding to Charles Kerry’s historic photographs. Her ‘Then and Now’ series of work was exhibited at the Wollongong Art Gallery in 2020 and a selection was displayed in Wollongong Library.

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Pamela’s audio interview can be downloaded here: Part One and Part Two.


Lavina Figtree – Stenton – Haplin – Glen Haughton House – Corrimal Street – Coke Works – Charles Kerry – Painting – Watercolour – Etching – Lighthouse – Beach Scenes – Steelworks – Five Islands – Waterbirds – Wetlands – Wongawilli Colliery – Ocean Pools – Crown Street Mall

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