Sharyn Mackenzie

Sharyn Mackenzie shares her involvement in founding the SCARF (Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families). Sharyn used her prior skills working with non- profit organisations to organise a group of volunteers who introduced several programs to assist the refugees in the Wollongong area. She personally volunteered for over 10 years with SCARF and shares her experiences working with the community and the amazing, combined effort of all those involved. Sharyn was awarded an Order of Australia medal for her contribution to the community.

Sharyn was involved in producing a book, recording traditional stories by community members who arrived as refugees to Wollongong, available at Wollongong Library:

Traditional Tales- A collection of Stores from Burma and Africa

View the digital copy of the book here:

Traditional Tales – A collection of Stories from Burma and Africa

Listen to Sharyn’s interview

Sharyn’s interview can be downloaded here.


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