In My Day

These interviews were conducted in 1995 by Tom Hadley and broadcast on his ‘In My Day’ program on community radio station 2VOX FM. The audio files have been digitised from cassette tapes and are uneven in quality.

Click on the participants’ names or photos for more information and to listen to their stories.

Josy Ludwig Icon

Josy Ludwig

Josy was born in the Netherlands in 1934. She emigrated to Australia in 1950, trained as teacher, and taught in local primary schools, including Elonera Montessori School.

Listen to Josy’s story here.


Nola Dunne Icon

Nola Dunne

Nola was born in Unanderra in 1931. She worked at the Berlei factory and Metal Manufacturers, and became a presenter on 2Vox FM.

Listen to Nola’s story here.


Fred Moore Icon

Fred Moore

Born in Cobar in 1922, Fred moved to Wollongong in 1952. He was involved in the union movement and was an advocate for the rights of Aboriginal people.

Listen to Fred’s story here.


Bert & Phyllis Ferry

Bert and Phyllis lived in Corrimal, with Bert working at the steelworks and enjoying surf skiing. Bert was born in England in 1921 and migrated to Australia in 1925, while Phyllis was born in Corrimal in 1928.

Listen to Bert and Phyllis’s story here.


Bill Kierse Icon

Bill Kierse

Bill was born in Kalgoorlie in 1936 and trained as a boilermaker. He moved to Wollongong, worked at the steelworks, and later became a policeman.

Listen to Bill’s story here.


Bonnie Shuttleworth Icon

Bonnie Shuttleworth

Bonnie worked as a mobile nurse in the Northern Territory and travelled in the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and India.

Listen to Bonnie’s story here.


Charlie and Ivy Farrell Icon

Charlie & Ivy Farrell

Charlie was born in Dapto in 1914 and Ivy in Unanderra in 1915. Charlie worked as a plasterer and Ivy as a milliner. They lived in Dapto from the 1950s and were involved in local community groups.

Listen to Charlie and Ivy’s story here.


George and Peggy Laing Icon

George & Peggy Laing

George was born in Wollongong in 1913 and Peggy in Adelaide in 1918. George worked at the steelworks, while Peggy became interested in the Baha’i faith and the natural health movement.

Listen to George and Peggy’s story here.