We Are Us Disability Trust Mural

A new community mural was installed on the back of Pioneer Hall at MacCabe Park in May 2021.

Produced in partnership with The Disability Trust, this mural was designed by artist Jill Talbot with artworks created by nineteen school leavers via a series of printmaking workshops she led in early 2021.  

These creative young people aged 18 – 23 years are at a pivotal stage in their lives. Having left formal school, they are trying to imagine their futures while working out what they’re passionate about.

Through the artistic process, these young people brainstormed expressive concepts as a group and created individual artworks about themselves and their place within the Wollongong community.

The group’s artworks were then worked into a finished design by Jill.

The school leavers’ individual artworks were created using a photographic and monotype printmaking technique. As well as being about their place within our community, the themes of these artworks were about how these young people see themselves; how they imagine their futures, and the things that spark their lives.

As well as becoming part of the finished mural, the school leavers’ individual artworks were exhibited as large projections as part of the Wollongong Youth Services Activate event in April 2021.

Jill Talbot has worked within the creative arts education sector for many years and holds a Bachelor of Education (Visual Arts & Crafts – Hons) from the University of Melbourne. She’s been an exhibiting artist since the late 1970s and her work can be found in regional and private collections throughout Australia. Jill was a finalist in The Lester Prize 2020 and has been a regular finalist in the Portia Geach Memorial Award.

Listen to the We are Us Disability Trust Mural Project Interviews:


An introduction by Jennine Primmer

Abigail (Katie)


Dayna Fawell

Diane Heinlein

Hayden Hordon

JJ (Jonathan) Painho

Jonathan Findlay


Kip Patmore

Mitchell Whittaker


The We are Us Disability Trust Mural Project’s Photo Album


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The We are Us Disability Trust Mural Project interviews can be downloaded here.

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