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Wayne – Orange Sky Laundry

Wayne has volunteered providing a laundry service out the front of the Warrawong Community centre every week for 6 years.  He says he likes helping disadvantaged folks and always comes when there is food so that they can help the largest amount of people coming to the centre. He has built a great connection with the local community over the years.

Listen to Wayne’s Interview

Wayne’s audio interview can be downloaded here.

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Tina-Vietnamese Association

Tina says “WCC is a place for everyone to get help.” We do lots of events here using the community hall. We use it for youth, mental health support, mum’s and kids group, yoga, cooking, self-defence class, ladies fitness, craft, dancing, lunar new year and Autumn celebrations. The association has used the centre for 35 years.

Listen to Tina’s Interview

Tina’s audio interview can be downloaded here.

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Carol GROW Group

 Carol says WCC provided a safe, useable, easily accessed venue for us to hold our meetings. Good support and friendliness of the staff, especially Maxyne. Good to see other people coming to use the centre. 

Listen to Carol’s Interview

Carol’s audio interview can be downloaded here.

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Michael – First Step 

Michael from First Step says personally, it’s always been there, a comfortable place to go. He remembers ACDC played there as well as bands from different cultures. Michael says the Warrawong Community Centre represented multiculturalism in the area. For health, it was good to work in partnership with the centre, we had a lot of cross clients. Michael also notes that the centre had a really nice feel to it’ and he always felt welcome.

Listen to Michael’s Interview

Michael’s audio interview can be downloaded here.

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Phillip – Beyond Empathy

Phillip says he appreciates just how grass roots it is. Workers are accessible to people and provide support, referral and advocacy in a model which works well. Phillip was involved in the History Project and arts projects for men. His work there has created opportunities for change for people who have experienced disadvantage.

Listen to Phillip’s Interview

Phillip’s audio interview can be downloaded here.

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Solange – SALCO (Spanish and Latin-Amercian Corportation)

Solange from SALCO has been using the Warrawong Community Centre for 20 years to assist the Spanish speaking community. Operating 2 mornings a week from the centre to allow for easier access to the ageing community members who she assisted to access their international pensions. She says it was a good meeting place for them. Solange remembers the community lunches and the craft ladies at the centre and how some of SALCO’s clients were able to be use the services and events offered at the centre.

Listen to Solange’s Interview

Solange’s audio interview can be downloaded here.

Illawarra Stories - Profile Image templateAunty Narelle and Aunty Lorraine – Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation

Aunty Narelle and Aunty Lorraine speak of the importance of the Warrawong Community Centre to the local community. They worked closely with Maxyne and those at the centre over the years, referring people for services provided at the centre such as housing, health, and food. They participated in activities at the centre such as painting murals with the local community. 

Listen to Aunty Narrelle and Aunty Lorrane’s Interview

Aunty Narrelle and Aunty Lorrane’s audio interview can be downloaded here.