Frances Chick & Mary Mackenzie

Frances Chick was born in Australia in 1930. Her sister, Mary Mackenzie, was born in 1942. Their father Joe Cassar, who is the main subject of this interview, was born in Malta in 1905. He came to Australia in approximately 1924 and eventually made his way to the Cringila area. He was the first Maltese pioneer in the suburbs surrounding Warrawong and he led a rich life.

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Frances and Mary’s Photo Album


Maltese – Fruit Shop – Market Gardening – Catholic Church.


Frances & Mary’s interview can be downloaded here.

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Frances & Mary’s Interview

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  1. My husband and I bought old joes house in warrawong. Son joe and Irene were witnesses at our wedding. I have a beautiful dressing table which I have had restored Joe told me it was a wedding present. It is in Cairns.

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